Ballroom Dance Society – Our Dances

Dances are held monthly in the elegant surroundings of the Gloria Denman Ballroom (located at St. Stephens Catholic Church, 4601 Neely Drive). Dances are open to members and their guests; guests must be accompanied by a member – no exceptions!

Dances are normally $35.00 per person if paid by the specified deadline. Late reservations and walk-ins are $40.00 per person. Dance fee refunds are permitted only if cancellation is received by the specified deadline.

We dance to live music provided by bands and orchestras who specialize in ballroom music. The exceptions are one summer dance featuring live classic rock and roll music, and one or two fundraiser dances per year using pre-recorded music that permits members to dance to a wider variety of music.

Each dance is preceded by a buffet dinner. Dinner is normally served at 7:00 p.m., and dancing is normally from 7:30-10:00 p.m.

Dress for Dances

Men are encouraged to wear coat and tie, but this is not required. Collared shirts and slacks may be worn in place of coat and tie, but no jeans or t-shirts, please. Women should wear appropriate attire.

The President's Ball in October usually requires formal or semi-formal attire.

Summer dances may be more casual, at the option of the Board.

2019 Schedule (Subject to change)

Dance Date
(Reservations are due 3 days
before the dance)
January 18 Emily & the Rumba Kings
February 1 Don Turner Band
March 22 Jazz Alley
April 12 Emily & the Rumba Kings
May 17 Don Turner Band
June 14 Jazz Alley
July 19 Silhouettes (pre-recorded music)
August 16 CPR (Country, Pop, Rock)
September 20 Jazz Alley
October 11 Odessa College Band
November 15 Don Turner Band